The 13th annual meeting of the Austrian Society for Molecular Biosciences and Biotechnology will be a virtual event from September 20 to October 14, 2021 with the title From Molecular Machines to Translational Medicine”. During this period each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon top notch researchers will present and discuss their scientific highlights. There will be 15 Life Science Session in total bringing something for everyone’s taste and interest.



Calendar Week 38

Mon. 20.9.

Opening Ceremony - live on YouTube
Bestowal of “Life Science Awards Austria ‘21”, awardee lectures

Tues. 21.9.

#1: Chromatin and gene regulation
KEYNOTE: Bas van Steensel, NL Cancer Inst. - live on YouTube


#2: Cell Biology and Biochemistry of Lipids

Wed. 22.9.

#3: RNA Biology


#4: Biophysics of Signal Transduction

Thur. 23.9.

#5: Proteostasis and membrane trafficking


#6: Immunology

Calendar Week 39

Tues. 28.09.

#7: Cell Division


#8: Toxicology

Wed. 29.09.

#9: Single-cell multiomics


#10: Metabolic Signaling
KEYNOTE: Lisa Henske, Harvard Cancer Center - live on YouTube

Thurs. 30.09.

#11: Biotech

Calendar Week 41

Tues. 12.10.

#12: Mechanisms of Neurodegeneration

Wed. 13.10.

#13: Stem Cells


#14: Host-Pathogen Interactions

Thurs. 14.10.

#15: Translational Oncology
KEYNOTE: Douglas Hannahan, EFPL - live on YouTube
Closing & Awards Ceremony - live on YouTube


July 1 – the online registrations starts / registration is free for ÖGMBT members!

August 1 - abstract submission deadline for science flashes and short talks