TaqRobat Native Taq 2X Master Mix

TaqRobat Native Taq 2X Master Mix, 1000 rxn
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Source: E. coli
Description: TaqRobat Native Taq 2X Master Mix is an optimized, ready-to-use mix that contains dNTPs, buffers, stabilizers and our TaqRobat recombinant Taq DNA polymerase. It is supplied in a 2X formulation that requires only the addition of primers, template and water. TaqRobat 2X Master Mix provides robust amplification over a wide range of templates up to 5kb. Suitable for Standard Endpoint PCR, Colony PCR, Low Copy PCR, Genotyping, and TA Cloning. Also available containing MantisGreen dual-color loading dyes.
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Artikelnummer MOINTAQMIX-1000
Hersteller Molecular Innovations
Hersteller Artikelnummer NTAQMIX-1000
Verpackungseinheit 1000 rxn
Mengeneinheit FL
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