Active porcine tPA, recombinant

Active porcine tPA, recombinant, 0,1 mg
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Molecular Weight: 70000
Storage Buffer: 0.4M HEPES; 0.1M NaCl; pH 7.4
Source: Insect cell culture
Extinction coefficient: 1,845
Purity: >95% by SDS-PAGE analysis
Gene: PLAT
Swiss ID: Q8SQ23
Description: Recombinantly produced in insect cells. >95percent active. For ELISA and Western Blotting of pig tPA, please use our Rabbit Polyclonal Antibodies to Human tPA or our Mouse Monoclonal to Human tPA which cross react.
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Artikelnummer MOIPTPA-0,1
Hersteller Molecular Innovations
Hersteller Artikelnummer PTPA-0,1
Verpackungseinheit 0,1 mg
Mengeneinheit FL
Reaktvität Pig (Porcine)
Human Gene ID 397121
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