Recombinant Candida albicans pH-regulated antigen PRA1(PRA1)

Recombinant Candida albicans pH-regulated antigen PRA1(PRA1)
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Tag Info: N-terminal 6xHis-tagged. MW: 33.4 kDa. Function: Cell surface protein involved in the host-parasite interaction during candidal infection. With MP65, represents a major component of the biofilm matrix. Sequesters zinc from host tissue and mediates leukocyte adhesion and migration. As a surface protein, binds the two human complement regulators CFH and CFHR1, as well as plasminogen PLG, mediates complement evasion and extra-cellular matrix interaction and/or degradation. As a released protein, enhances complement control in direct vicinity of the yeast and thus generates an additional protective layer which controls host complement attack, assisting the fungus in escaping host surveillance. Binds to host fluid-phase C3 and blocks cleavage of C3 to C3a and C3b, leading to inhibition of complement activation. Mediates also human complement control and complement evasion through binding to C4BPA, another human complement inhibitor, as well as through binding to host integrin alpha-M/beta-2. Decreases complement-mediated adhesion, as well as uptake of C.albicans by human macrophages. Subcellular Location: Secreted. Protein Families: ZPS1 family.
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Artikelnummer CSB-YP308545CZD-1
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Hersteller Artikelnummer CSB-YP308545CZD-1
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