Recombinant Heteroscodra maculata Delta-theraphotoxin-Hm1a

Recombinant Heteroscodra maculata Delta-theraphotoxin-Hm1a
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Organism: Heteroscodra maculata (Togo starburst tarantula) (Togo starburst baboon spider). Function: Gating modifier toxin that principally inhibits inactivation of the mammalian voltage-gated sodium channel Nav1.1/SCN1A. When tested against human Nav1.1/SCN1A-Nav1.8/SCN10A alpha subunits heterologously expressed in Xenopus oocytes, the toxin inhibits inactivation of Nav1.1 (EC(50)=38 nM), with substantially weaker effects on Nav1.2/SCN2A (EC(50)=236 nM) and Nav1.3/SCN3A (EC(50)=220 nM). The toxin inhibits several subtypes of voltage-gated potassium channels with significantly lower potency than its effects on Nav1.1/SCN1A. Subcellular Location: Secreted. Protein Families: Huwentoxin-1 family, HaTx subfamily. Tissue Specificity: Expressed by the venom gland. Tag Info: N-terminal 10xHis-SUMO-tagged and C-terminal Myc-tagged
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Artikelnummer CSB-EP351577HGU-1
Hersteller Cusabio
Hersteller Artikelnummer CSB-EP351577HGU-1
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Reaktvität Spider
Methode Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE)
Wirt Escherichia Coli