Recombinant Human Dihydrofolate reductase(DHFR),partial

Recombinant Human Dihydrofolate reductase(DHFR),partial
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Organism: Homo sapiens (Human). Function: Key enzyme in folate metabolism. Contributes to the de novo mitochondrial thymidylate biosynthesis pathway. Catalyzes an essential reaction for de novo glycine and purine synthesis, and for DNA precursor synthesis. Binds its own mRNA and that of DHFR2. Involvement in disease: Megaloblastic anemia due to dihydrofolate reductase deficiency (DHFRD). Subcellular Location: Mitochondrion, Cytoplasm. Protein Families: Dihydrofolate reductase family. Tissue Specificity: Widely expressed in fetal and adult tissues, including throughout the fetal and adult brains and whole blood. Expression is higher in the adult brain than in the fetal brain. Tag Info: N-terminal 6xHis-SUMO-tagged
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Hersteller Artikelnummer CSB-EP006847HU1-1
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