The Eggcellent Antibodies

Why use Chickens?

  • Chickens are not mammals and therefore are more apt to make high-avidity antibodies to mammalian antigens (especially highly conserved mammalian proteins).
  • A single chicken can produce an enormous amount of antibody, up to 3 grams of IgY per month, which is 10-20 times the amount of a rabbit. Furthermore, compared to rabbits, chickens produce antibody much quicker.
  • Fc region of chicken IgY is sufficiently different from mammalian IgG:

    • Reduces background by not binding to mammalian rheumatoid factors or other naturally occurring anti-mammalian antibodies (e.g. HAMA).
    • Chicken antibody does not activate mammalian complement systems.

Chicken IgY Facts


  • 180 kDa
  • Functional equivalent to IgG
  • Does not bind to protein A, protein G or to Fc receptors
  • Does not activate mammalian complement system
  • Does not cross-react with antibodies raised against mammalian IgG

To our knowledge, it is the most humane way to produce polyclonal antibodies. There is no need to bleed the chicken. Simply collect the eggs”

Gallus brand has over 100 Chicken polyclonal primary antibodies...


  • Epitope Tags
  • Food Proteins
  • Fusion Proteins
  • Human Immunoglobulins and Proteins
  • Mammalian Immunoglobulins and Proteins
  • Microbial Antigens
  • Protein A, Protein G or Protein L

...and over 100 secondary antibodies:

The Gallus range of secondary antibodies are produced in chicken against a wide range of mammalian targets including bovine, cervid, rat, dog, horse, human, mouse, pig, rabbit and sheep (detecting IgG heavy and light chains, Fc region, Fab fragments, IgM and Light chains (Lambda and Kappa). Gallus also offers a range of anti chicken IgY, IgM and IgA antibodies (detecting heavy and light chains, Fab or Fc) for use with their chicken primary antibodies.


  • Antibodies conjugated to multiple labels including Biotin, FITC, horseradish peroxidase, agarose.
  • Range of control antibodies eg, Normal Goose IgY, Normal Chicken IgY
  • Kits: EggsPress IgY purification kits for customers to purify their own antibodies from chicken eggs.
  • Custom services available: IgY production in Chicken, IgY purification, Affinity purification if required and peptide synthesis.

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