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Mouse Anti-Human Synaptophysin (native) Monoclonal IgG1 Dylight 350

Mouse Anti-Human Synaptophysin (native) Monoclonal IgG1 Dylight 350
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Artikelnummer: STRSMC-178D-DY350

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Mouse Anti-Human Synaptophysin (native) Monoclonal IgG1 Dylight 350, Clone: EP10


Synaptophysin is a synaptic vesicle glycoprotein with four transmembrane domains weighing 38kDa (1). It is present in neuroendocrine cells and in virtually all neurons in the brain and spinal cord that participate in synaptic transmission. It acts as a marker for the presynaptic vesicle, and functions in synaptic vesicle exocytosis, including cholesterol-dependent vesicle biogenesis, regulation of SNARE assembly via interaction with VAMP/synaptobrevin, formation of the fusion pore initiating neurotransmitter release, and activation of vesicle endocytosis (2, 3). This gene has also been implicated in X linked mental retardation (4).

1 µg/ml of SMC-178 was sufficient for detection of Synaptophysin in 10 µg of human brain lysate by colorimetric immunoblot analysis using Goat anti-mouse IgG:HRP as the secondary antibody.

Not for use in humans. Not for use in diagnostics or therapeutics. For in vitro research use only.


Artikelnummer STRSMC-178D-DY350
Hersteller Stressmarq Biosciences
Herstellernummer SMC-178D-DY350
Verpackungseinheit 100 µg
Mengeneinheit FL
Reaktivität Human
Klonalität Monoclonal
Wirt / Host Mouse
Methode Immunohistochemistry, Western Blotting
Isotype IgG
Gene ID NCBI (externer Link)
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