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Mouse Anti-Yeast HDEL Monoclonal IgG2b Dylight 350

Mouse Anti-Yeast HDEL Monoclonal IgG2b Dylight 350
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Artikelnummer: STRSMC-175D-DY350

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Mouse Anti-Yeast HDEL Monoclonal IgG2b Dylight 350, Clone: 2E7


HSP 70 family comprises four highly conserved proteins, HSP 70, HSC 70, GRP 75 and GRP 78, which serve a variety of roles. They act as molecular chaperones, facilitating the assembly of multi-protein complexes; participate in the translocation of polypeptides across cell membranes and to the nucleus; and aid in the proper folding of nascent polypeptide chains (1, 2). GRP 78 is localized in the endoplasmic reticulum (ER), where it receives imported secretory proteins and is involved in the folding and translocation of nascent peptide chains (2). Sorting of these proteins is dependent on a C-terminal tetrapeptide signal, usually KDEL in animal cells, and HDEL in S.cerevisiae (3). The 2E7 clone recognizes the C-terminal peptide HDEL, a common version of the endoplasmic reticulum retention signal found in yeast, plant, nematode and other ER proteins. 2E7 specifically stains HDEL proteins in barnyard grass, beet, cotton, mung bean, sorghum and wheat (4).

1 µg/ml of SMC-175 was sufficient for detection of HDEL-containing proteins in 10 µg of S. cerevisiae lysate by colorimetric immunoblot analysis using Goat anti-mouse IgG:HRP as the secondary antibody.

Not for use in humans. Not for use in diagnostics or therapeutics. For in vitro research use only.


Artikelnummer STRSMC-175D-DY350
Hersteller Stressmarq Biosciences
Herstellernummer SMC-175D-DY350
Verpackungseinheit 100 µg
Mengeneinheit FL
Reaktivität Fruit Fly (Drosophila Melanogaster), Plant, Yeast
Klonalität Monoclonal
Wirt / Host Mouse
Methode Immunocytochemistry, Immunofluorescence, Western Blotting
Isotype IgG
Gene ID Nein
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