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Rabbit Anti-Human MCSF Receptor (pSer807 + pTyr809) Polyclonal Dylight 405

Rabbit Anti-Human MCSF Receptor (pSer807 + pTyr809) Polyclonal Dylight 405
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Artikelnummer: STRSPC-954D-DY405

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Rabbit Anti-Human MCSF Receptor (pSer807 + pTyr809) Polyclonal Dylight 405


Receptor for colony stimulating factor-1 and links CSF 1 signals to Ras-ERK pathway. It is involved in hematopoesis and commits cells to differentiation. Most cancer mutations and chromosomal alterations appear to confer loss of function suggesting that absence of this gene causes hematopoeic malignancy via inability of cells to mature. Point mutations and partial deletions of CSF1R have been observed in acute myeloid leukemia and myelodysplastic syndrome respectively. A chromosomal translocation event leading to fusion of CSF1R to RBM6 has been observed in acute megakaryoblastic leukemia. In women, overexpression of CSF1R has been observed in breast and cervical cancers and is thought to play an autocrine role in stimulating cancer progression. Due to CSF1R role in cell proliferation its main role in cancer progression is likely oncogenic and maybe mediated through dysfunction of regulation of the receptor.

A 1:250 dilution of SPC-954 was sufficient for detection of MCSF Receptor (pSer807 + pTyr809) in 10 µg of HeLa cell lysate by ECL immunoblot analysis using goat anti-rabbit IgG:HRP as the secondary antibody.

Not for use in humans. Not for use in diagnostics or therapeutics. For in vitro research use only.


Artikelnummer STRSPC-954D-DY405
Hersteller Stressmarq Biosciences
Herstellernummer SPC-954D-DY405
Verpackungseinheit 100 µl
Mengeneinheit FL
Reaktivität Human
Klonalität Polyclonal
Wirt / Host Rabbit
Methode Western Blotting
Isotype Keine Herstellerangabe
Gene ID NCBI (externer Link)
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