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Rabbit Anti-Human ROR2 Polyclonal Dylight 405

Rabbit Anti-Human ROR2 Polyclonal Dylight 405
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Artikelnummer: STRSPC-739D-DY405

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Rabbit Anti-Human ROR2 Polyclonal Dylight 405


ROR2 is a receptor tyrosine kinase which may have a role in early cartilage and growth plate development. ROR2 expression is generally highest during embryonic development and will gradually decrease as cells terminally differentiate. Wnt5a has been identified to utilize ROR2 as a co-receptor for non-canonical Wnt signalling. Aberrant expression of ROR2 has been implicated in gastric, osteosarcoma, mestatic melanoma, prostate, renal cell and squamous cell carcinomas. Increased expression of ROR2 was correlated with increased metastasis. In prostate, osteosarcomas and metastatic melanomas, Wnt5a/ROR2 receptor complex formation was implicated as the mechanism for cancer progression. ROR2 seems to function as an oncogene. Primarily mis-sense mutations of ROR2 have been identified in tumours but their functional effect has not been well characterized.

A 1:1000 dilution of SPC-739 was sufficient for detection of ROR2 in 10 µg of human HeLa cell lysates by ECL immunoblot analysis using goat anti-rabbit IgG:HRP as the secondary antibody.

Not for use in humans. Not for use in diagnostics or therapeutics. For in vitro research use only.


Artikelnummer STRSPC-739D-DY405
Hersteller Stressmarq Biosciences
Herstellernummer SPC-739D-DY405
Verpackungseinheit 100 µg
Mengeneinheit FL
Reaktivität Human, Rat (Rattus)
Klonalität Polyclonal
Wirt / Host Rabbit
Methode Immunohistochemistry, Western Blotting
Isotype Keine Herstellerangabe
Gene ID NCBI (externer Link)
Datenblatt Auf Anfrage
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