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TAK1 Antibody: Dylight 405, Polyclonal

TAK1 Antibody: Dylight 405, Polyclonal
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Artikelnummer: STRSPC-736D-DY405

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TAK1 Antibody: Dylight 405, Polyclonal, Host: Rabbit


Rabbit Anti-Human TAK1 Polyclonal
Target: TAK1
Purification: Peptide Affinity Purified
Specificity: Detects 67.2 kDa, 40 kDa band is a possible degradation product.
Tissue Specificity: Isoform 1A is the most abundant in ovary, skeletal muscle, spleen and blood mononuclear cells. Isoform 1B is highly expressed in brain, kidney and small intestine. Isoform 1C is the major form in prostate. Isoform 1D is the less abundant form.
Conjugate: Dylight 405
Immunogen Species: Human
Cellular Location: Cytoplasm, Cell Membrane, Peripheral Membrane Protein, Cytoplasmic Side
Immunogen: Synthetic peptide of Human TAK1 (400-500 aa), conjugated to Keyhole Limpet Haemocyanin (KLH).
Scientific Background: TAK1 encoded by the gene MAP3K7, is a protein-serine/threonine kinase that is activated by proinflammatory cytokines and in response to physical/chemical stress, including UVR, osmotic- and oxidative stress. It is a mediator of TRAF6 and TGF-β signal transduction, and activates IKBKB and MAPK8 in response to TRAF6 signalling. It also stimulates NFκB activation and activation of the p38 MAPK pathway. It is responsible for controlling a variety of cell functions such as transcription and apoptosis. TAK1 is important for TGF-β1 regulation of MMP9 and the metastatic potential of certain breast cancer cell lines.


Artikelnummer STRSPC-736D-DY405
Hersteller Stressmarq Biosciences
Herstellernummer SPC-736D-DY405
Verpackungseinheit 100 µg
Mengeneinheit FL
Reaktivität Human, Mouse (Murine), Rat (Rattus)
Klonalität Polyclonal
Wirt / Host Rabbit
Methode Immunohistochemistry, Western Blotting
Isotype Keine Herstellerangabe
Gene ID NCBI (externer Link)
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