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IncuCyte® pHrodo® Green E. coli Bioparticles® for Phagocytosis

IncuCyte® pHrodo® Green E. coli Bioparticles® for Phagocytosis
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Artikelnummer: ESS4616

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IncuCyte® pHrodo® Green E. coli Bioparticles® for Phagocytosis


IncuCyte® pHrodo® Bioparticles® are sterile fluorogenic reagents ideally suited to a simple mix-and-read, real-time live cell quantification of phagocytosis. The unique pHrodo®-based system exploits the acidic environment of the phagosome to quantify phagocytosis. As IncuCyte™ pHrodo® Bioparticles® residing in the neutral extracellular solution (pH 7.4) are engulfed by phagocytes and enter the acidic phagosome (pH 4.5 – 5.5), a substantial increase in fluorescence is observed. Application of IncuCyte® pHrodo® Bioparticles to non-phagocytic cells yields little or no fluorescent signal. With the IncuCyte® integrated analysis software background fluorescence is minimized. These fully sterilized reagents have been validated for use with the IncuCyte® live cell analysis platform and enable real-time evaluation of phagocytic regulation by pharmacological agents as well as genetic and environmental factors.


Artikelnummer ESS4616
Hersteller Essen Bioscience
Herstellernummer 4616
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