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Recombinant Human Alpha-enolase(ENO1)

Recombinant Human Alpha-enolase(ENO1)
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Artikelnummer: CSB-BP007670HUD8-20

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Recombinant Human Alpha-enolase(ENO1), Host: Baculovirus


Organism: Homo sapiens (Human). Function: Multifunctional enzyme that, as well as its role in glycolysis, plays a part in various processes such as growth control, hypoxia tolerance and allergic responses. May also function in the intravascular and pericellular fibrinolytic system due to its ability to serve as a receptor and activator of plasminogen on the cell surface of several cell-types such as leukocytes and neurons. Stimulates immunoglobulin production.; FUNCTION. Subcellular Location: Cytoplasm, Cell membrane, Cytoplasm, myofibril, sarcomere, M line. Protein Families: Enolase family. Tissue Specificity: The alpha/alpha homodimer is expressed in embryo and in most adult tissues. The alpha/beta heterodimer and the beta/beta homodimer are found in striated muscle, and the alpha/gamma heterodimer and the gamma/gamma homodimer in neurons. Tag Info: N-terminal MBP-tagged and C-terminal 6xHis-tagged


Artikelnummer CSB-BP007670HUD8-20
Hersteller Cusabio
Herstellernummer CSB-BP007670HUD8-20
Verpackungseinheit 20 µg
Mengeneinheit FL
Reaktivität Human
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Wirt / Host Various hosts
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Isotype Keine Herstellerangabe
Gene ID Nein
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