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Recombinant Measles virus Nucleoprotein(N),partial

Recombinant Measles virus Nucleoprotein(N),partial
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Artikelnummer: CSB-BP494341MQM-1

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Recombinant Measles virus Nucleoprotein(N),partial, Host: Baculovirus


Organism: Measles virus (strain Edmonston-Schwarz vaccine) (MeV) (Subacute sclerose panencephalitis virus). Function: Encapsidates the genome in a ratio of 1 N per 6 ribonucleotides, protecting it from nucleases. The nucleocapsid (NC) has a helical structure with either 12.35 or 11.64 N per turn, approximately 20 nm in diameter, with a hollow central cavity approximately 5 nm in diameter. The encapsidated genomic RNA is termed the NC and serves as template for transcription and replication. During replication, encapsidation by N is coupled to RNA synthesis and all replicative products are resistant to nucleases. N is released in the blood following lysis of measles infected cells, it interacts then with human FCGR2B on immune cells, inducing apoptosis and blocking inflammatory immune response. Ntail binds to a protein on human thymic epithelial cells, termed Nucleoprotein Receptor (NR), inducing growth arrest (By similarity). Subcellular Location: Virion, Host cytoplasm. Protein Families: Paramyxoviruses nucleocapsid family. Tag Info: N-terminal 10xHis-tagged


Artikelnummer CSB-BP494341MQM-1
Hersteller Cusabio
Herstellernummer CSB-BP494341MQM-1
Verpackungseinheit 1 mg
Mengeneinheit FL
Reaktivität Measles Virus (Rubeola)
Klonalität Keine Herstellerangabe
Wirt / Host Various hosts
Methode Keine Herstellerangabe
Isotype Keine Herstellerangabe
Gene ID Nein
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