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405 TS Washer

405 TS Washer
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Artikelnummer: BTK405TSHT

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405 HT TS base configuration for 384-well washing. Includes 192-tube (16x12) Dual-Action manifold and built-in ultrasonic cleaner. 96-well washing available with optional manifold BTK1170010.


405 TS is a microplate washer incorporating a high resolution LED backlit touch screen user interface for intuitive and flexible onboard instrument control of 96- and 384-well microplate washing. A graphical color display seamlessly guides users through protocol development, instrument maintenance and daily use at the touch of a finger. USB flash drive ports enable convenient file transfer. All models are robot compatible, biomagnetic separation ready and compatible with an optional vacuum filtration module. Patented Verify Technology for clog detection is available, along with patented Ultrasonic Advantage. Dispense / Waste System is required and must be purchased separately.


Artikelnummer BTK405TSHT
Hersteller BioTek
Herstellernummer 405TSHT
Verpackungseinheit 1 Stück
Mengeneinheit STK
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