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Rapid Endotest - Five Water Samples

Rapid Endotest - Five Water Samples
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Artikelnummer: LONBE95-101

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Rapid Endotest - Five Water Samples


Lonza’s Endotoxin Testing Services in Europe offers a mail-in, pre-paid services for users not requiring testing according to pharmaceutical or medical device regulations. Customers can purchase Rapid Endotest packs from Lonza to submit samples to our testing service for basic determination of the endotoxin content in their sample(s).
Preliminary screening or inhibition/enhancement tests are not performed on samples submitted through the Pre-paid Service. Unless otherwise noted, samples will be tested using the Kinetic-QCL™ LAL Assay.


Artikelnummer LONBE95-101
Hersteller Lonza
Herstellernummer BE95-101
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