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KGM-CD Keratinocyte Growth Medium BulletKit- Chemically Defined

KGM-CD Keratinocyte Growth Medium BulletKit- Chemically Defined
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KGM-CD Keratinocyte Growth Medium BulletKit- Chemically Defined


KGM™-CD Chemically Defined Keratinocyte Growth Medium was designed as a serum-free, xeno-free, chemically defined cell culture medium to support the isolation, growth and proliferation of primary human keratinocytes in culture.KGM™-CD is the only medium of its kind on the market today and can be used for a variety of applications associated with skin research, wound healing and dermal disorders. The KBMTM-CD Basal Medium, KGM™-CD SingleQuots™ Kit and the KGM™-CD BulletKit™ allow customers the same flexibility as other CloneticsTM Media Products.KGM™-CD is also able to support growth and proliferation of both adult and neonatal primary human dermal keratinocytes as compared to our non-defined KGM™-2 Medium - determined by total population doublings (total PDLs). There was excellent lot-to-lot consistency for each media tested where the KGM™-CD Medium supported nearly 25 population doublings in our testing while still maintaining normal keratinocyte characteristics.This KGM™-CD media system is a complete, optimized system for isolating and growing primary human keratinocytes. Note: Coating plates with fibronectin or other non-animal derived matrix material is necessary for successful keratinocyte isolations with KGM™-CD medium.Note: Antibiotics are not included with the SingleQuots™ Kit (CC-4456) and must be purchased separately.Content:•1 x Bottle Basal Medium 500 mL•1 x Bottle KGM™-CD Supplement•1 x Lilac Cap Vial with Insulin 1 mL


Artikelnummer LONCC-4455
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