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Basic Parasite Nucleofector Kit 2

Basic Parasite Nucleofector Kit 2
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Artikelnummer: LONVVMI-1021

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Basic Parasite Nucleofector Kit 2


The Basic Parasite Nucleofector™ Kit 2 is one of our two Nucleofector™ Kits suited for transfecting parasites, e.g. Plasmodium berghei or Trypanosoma brucei, in Nucleofector™ 2b Device.
Parasitic protozoa infect vertebrates and invertebrates and some are even parasitic in plants. In humans, they can cause severe diseases, such as Malaria (Plasmodium), Sleeping Sickness (Trypanosoma) or Leishmaniasis (Leishmania). Nucleofection has proven to provide considerably higher transfection efficiencies (e.g., in Plasmodium berghei and Trypanosoma brucei) compared to standard methods, such as electroporation or particle bombardment.
Due to significant genotypic and phenotypic diversity between species and life cycles, we have developed two Basic Parasite Nucleofector™ Kits (1 and 2) and an easy-to-use Basic Parasite Nucleofector™ Starter Kit to determine which of the 2 kits is optimal for a specific parasite type.

•4 x 2.25 mL Nucleofector™ Basic Solution 2 for Parasites
•4 x 0.5 mL Supplement 3
•4 x 30 µg pmaxGFP™ Vector (0.5 μg/μl in 10 mM Tris pH 8.0)
•4 x 25 Aluminum cuvette (100 µL)
•4 x 25 Single use pipettes


Artikelnummer LONVVMI-1021
Hersteller Lonza
Herstellernummer VVMI-1021
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