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NHNP – Human Neural Progenitor Cells

NHNP – Human Neural Progenitor Cells
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NHNP – Human Neural Progenitor Cells


PoieticsTM Neural Progenitor Cells (NHNP) are cryopreserved neurospheres isolated from human brain cortex. Neurospheres are clusters of cells typically referred to as neural stem cells and progenitors (NSPCs) or Human midbrain-derived neural progenitor cells (hmNPCs). These neurospheres can be maintained undifferentiated in suspension as a 3D aggregate. To induce differentiation, the neurospheres can be transferred to laminin-coated vessels with brain-derived neurotrophic (BDNF) which will induce differentiation into neurons, astrocytes, and oligodendrocytes.
Cryopreserved PoieticsTM Human Neural Progenitors (NHNP) are guaranteed to contain ≥1.2 million viable cells per ampoule and test positive for Neuronal Class II Beta Tubulin and Glial Fibrillary Acid Protein (GFAP) following differentiation. All cells test negative for mycoplasma, bacteria, yeast, and fungi. HIV-1, hepatitis B and hepatitis C are not detected for all donors and/or cell lots. A Certificate of Analysis is provided for each cell lot purchased. Recommended Medium: NPMM™ Neural Progenitor Maintenance BulletKit™ Medium for recovery from cryopreservation and maintenance as neurospheres; NPDM™ Neural Progenitor Differentiation BulletKit™ Medium + 25 ng/ml brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) for non-directed differentiation of neurospheres into neurons, astrocytes, and oligodendrocytes.
Lonza guarantees the performance of CloneticsTM/PoieticsTM cells only if appropriate CloneticsTM/PoieticsTM media and reagents are used exclusively and the recommended storage and use protocols are followed. Any modifications made to the recommended cell systems including the use of alternative media, reagents or protocols, will void cell and media performance guarantees.

•1 x Cryopreserved amuple containing ≥ 1.2M cells


Artikelnummer LONPT-2599
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