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Corning® 1L Disposable Spinner Flask, Solid Cap, Sterile

Corning® 1L Disposable Spinner Flask, Solid Cap, Sterile
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Artikelnummer: COR3561

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Corning® 1L Disposable Spinner Flask, Solid Cap, Sterile


  • Recommended working range of 300mL to 1L.

  • Extended paddle design ensures constant top-to-bottom motion of the liquid without having to adjust the height of the paddle.

  • Bottom contours on the paddle hug the shape of the flask, eliminating dead spots.

  • Two wide neck openings for easy pouring; easily accept a 100mL pipet.

  • Vertical side baffles break up laminar flow - ensures better mixing and maximizes cell production.

  • Each system is supplied individually double bagged.

  • Sterilized by gamma irradiation; have the highest Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) of 10-6 and meets USP XXIV:71 Bacteriostasis, Fungistasis and Sterility Standards.

  • Single use only. Flasks cannot be autoclaved or resterilized with alcohol. Any attempt to do so will result in degradation of the materials.

  • Optional Vented Caps (Cat. No 3567) and Aseptic Transfer Caps (Cat. No. 3562) are available.
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