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CellSTACK® Polystyrene - 5 Chamber with Vent Caps

CellSTACK® Polystyrene - 5 Chamber with Vent Caps
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Artikelnummer: COR3319

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CellSTACK® Polystyrene - 5 Chamber with Vent Caps


• Has 3, 180cm² cell growth area• Two 26mm diameter filling ports allow direct access to chamber bottom providing greater flexibility for sterile filling and emptying by pouring, pipetting or via tubing in a fully closed system• Standard 33mm threaded caps have 0.2µm pore nonwettable membranes sealed directly to the caps to allow gas exchange while minimizing the risk of contamination• Optional 33mm threaded caps are available with integrally sealed chemically resistant, heat sealable flexible tubing to allow direct sterile transfer of media and cells• USP Class VI polystyrene provides excellent optical clarity and mechanical strength• Sterilized by gamma radiation and certifiied nonpyrogenic• 100% leak tested prior to shipping


Artikelnummer COR3319
Hersteller Corning
Herstellernummer 3319
Markenname Corning Costar
Verpackungseinheit 1/Pk, 2/Cs
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