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RAFT Transwell Absorbers for 24-Well Inserts, 48 qty

RAFT Transwell Absorbers for 24-Well Inserts, 48 qty
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RAFT Transwell Absorbers for 24-Well Inserts, 48 qty


The novel RAFT™ 3D Cell Culture System is designed to closely mimic the native environment of cells. The RAFT™ 3D Cell Culture Kit offers a complete solution with the necessary reagents, consumables and protocols to develop RAFT™ 3D Cultures.
The RAFT™ System uses rat tail collagen type 1 along with patented absorber technology to create a realistic cellular environment to study cells' complex behavior. RAFT™ Kit is a simple-to-use 3D cell culture system that enables the production of robust, reproducible 3D cultures in less than an hour.
Novel RAFT™ Absorbers – The biocompatible absorbers are designed to work with standard 96- or 24-well cell culture plates as well as 24-well cell culture inserts. Once the cells are mixed with RAFT™ Reagents, the absorbers are utilized to compress and absorb excess liquid from the collagen mixture. This results in the creation of well-controlled, high-density collagen scaffolds embedded with cell type(s) of choice. The RAFT™ System is one of the few commercially available kits that allows users to create these high-density collagen scaffolds that are representative of a natural, more in vivo like environment for cells to grow and interact more efficiently.
RAFT™ 24-well Insert Kit for Cell Culture Inserts (catalog number 016-1R25 and 016-1R33). RAFT™ Insert Absorbers are designed to be used with 24-well permeable membrane cell culture inserts. This additional kit is offered to enhance the versatility of the system further by allowing researchers to generate co-culture models, and barrier models including air-lift models.


Artikelnummer LON016-1R33
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Herstellernummer 016-1R33
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