Trypsin(10x) 2.5% in HBSS w/o Ca, Mg, 100 ml

Trypsin 1:250 (10X)
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Trypsin (17-160) is a clear, colorless-yellow, highly active porcine enzyme preparation, used to remove cells from the culture vessel surface into suspension.
It is generally used at a working concentration of 0.25%, prepared in a balanced salt solution, without calcium or magnesium at a pH of 7.6-7.8.
After treatment, trypsin activity can be halted by adding a serum media mixture or a Trypsin inhibitor (from soybean, for an example) in serum-free systems.
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Artikelnummer LONBE17-160E
Hersteller Lonza
Hersteller Artikelnummer BE17-160E
Verpackungseinheit 100 ml
Mengeneinheit FL
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