InEpC Human Intest Epi Cells, cryopreserved

InEpC – Human Intestinal Epithelial Cells
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InEpC's are truly primary cells representing both villi (enterocytes, goblet, and enteroendocrine cells) and crypts structures.  In combination with human intestinal myofibroblasts (InMyoFib), InEpC are able to form very tight cell monolayer, representing a unique in vitro system to model human intestinal homeostasis.
Human intestinal epithelial cells (InEpC) are of pivotal importance in the digestion and absorption of nutrients and the protection of the organism from bacteria and toxins found in the intestine. The intestinal epithelium is a highly organized cellular system maintained in a dynamic steady state by cells in proliferation and differentiation, which die and exfoliate into the lumen. Intestinal cells are often difficult to isolate due to contamination issues and usually have to be cultured and used for assays immediately after isolation from tissue.
Cryopreserved InEpCs are sold at P0, express cytokeratins 8/18 at ≥ 90%, contain 0.8M viable cells / vial and have a seeding efficiency ≥ 50% coverage at certain cell density (see instructions).  Their life span is, post plating, that the cells can be used on days 5-7, and they maintain their properties for approximately 5 days after that (using CloneticsTM reagents & protocol).  All cells test negative for mycoplasma, bacteria, yeast, and fungi. HIV-1, hepatitis B and hepatitis C are not detected for all donors and/or cell lots. A Certificate of Analysis is provided for each cell lot purchased.
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