Anti-Paxillin (LD2 Motif) , Monoclonal, IgG1, kappa, Host: Mouse

Anti-Paxillin (LD2 Motif) [LD2 sAB], Monoclonal, IgG1, kappa, Host: Mouse
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Clone ID: [LD2 sAB].

Product Type Description: Purified antibody in bulk size.

Heavy Chain Modification: Fc Silent™.

Antigen Long Description: Peptide corresponding to paxillin-LD2 motif (residues 141-156) fused to MBP; peptide sequence: NLSELDRLLLELNAVQHNP.

Buffer Composition: PBS only.

Use Statement: This full-length, reformatted mouse antibody was made using the variable domain sequences of the original Mouse scFv format, for improved compatibility with existing reagents, assays and techniques.

Uniprot Accession No: P49023.

Mehr Informationen
Artikelnummer ABAAb00397-1.4-BT
Hersteller Absolute Antibody
Hersteller Artikelnummer Ab00397-1.4-BT
Verpackungseinheit 1 mg
Mengeneinheit FL
Reaktivität Human
Klonalität Monoclonal
Methode Western Blotting, ELISA
Isotyp IgG1
Wirt Mouse
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