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FlowFAST V 12

FlowFAST V 12
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FlowFAST V 12 - Werkbank ISO-Klasse III


FlowFAST H Cabinets are ISO Class 3 horizontal laminar flow cabinets which represent far more economical and valid alternatives to clean-rooms, as they are capable of providing uncontaminated, particle-free and sterile conditions for materials in the work-space. They guarantee and maintain excellent product protection factors by offering a decontaminated working area by virtue of the pre-filter with a minimum efficiency of 80%-90% ASHRAE - and the HEPA filter with an efficiency better than 99,995 % MPPS ( H14 - EN:1822 ). The FlowFast H horizontal laminar airflow cabinets have epoxy powder coated steel structures and an AISI 304L stainless steel working surface as standard. Laminated working surface available on demand. Alternatively special models made in AISI 304L stainless steel for superior cleanability are also available on demand.


Artikelnummer FASF00001120000
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Herstellernummer F00001120000
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