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ToxiLight 100% Lysis Control Set, 200 Test

ToxiLight 100% Lysis Control Set, 200 Test
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ToxiLight 100% Lysis Control Set, 200 Test


The ToxiLight™ 100% Lysis Reagent set is intended for use with the ToxiLight™ Non-destructive Cytotoxicity Assay (sold seperately) and is designed to give the user a 100% lysis or total adenylate kinase control. It contains the 100% Lysis Reagent, 10 ml and Tris-Acetate Buffer, 50 ml (required volume correction for sample wells), and is suitable for 200 tests in a 96 well format.
Simply add the 100% Lysis Reagent to the control wells at a ratio of 1:2 (lysis reagent : sample volume), volume correct the remaining sample wells with Tris-Acetate Buffer and then incubate at room temperature for 10 minutes.
The ToxiLight™ 100% Lysis Reagent should be included as a control at each time point within your cytotoxicity assay. After addition proceed with the standard ToxiLight™ Assay protocol.

•ToxiLight™ 100% lysis reagent set (Sufficient for 200 tests)


Artikelnummer LONLT07-517
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Herstellernummer LT07-517
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