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Cell Expansion Bag, 1L

Cell Expansion Bag, 1L
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Artikelnummer: COR91-200-85

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Cell Expansion Bag, 1L


Our cell expansion bags are intended for the expansion and culture of non-adherent cells. The bag is made from single-web polyolefin gas permeable film. The integrated tubing allows for closed system filling, feeding and sampling. The recommended fill volume ranges from 190 mL to 1252 mL in four standard sizes. The Expansion Bag features a reusable sampling valve for in process testing. Film clarity is excellent when filled for viewing cultures, making the bag an ideal environment for scalable expansion. Corning offers this single-use cell culture bag in 500mL-5L configurations.

Port 1 has two leads with female luers. Dockable fill line with sampling valve is in Port 2. Ports 1 and 2 have a total of four small slide clamps.

This single-use cell culture bag is ideal for basic research biopharmaceutical applications.

- Complete Certificate of Compliance is available for each production lot.


Artikelnummer COR91-200-85
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