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Cell Line Nucleofector Kit V

Cell Line Nucleofector Kit V
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Artikelnummer: LONVCA-1003

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Cell Line Nucleofector Kit V


The Cell Line Nucleofector™ Kit V is one of our five Nucleofector™ Kits suited for transfecting cell lines in the Nucleofector™ 2b Device.This kit has been determined to be optimal for transfecting following cell types:32D3T3-L1pre-adA20A375A7r5AGSARPE-19B16-F10BA/F3 (DSMZ)C2C12C6Capan-1CHO [suspension]CHO-S [suspension] (Life Technologies)COS-1HaCaTHCT116HEK293HepG2HL-60HUV-EC-CJurkatK-562 (DSMZ)MCF7MDA-MB-231MDA-MB-468NB-4 (DSMZ)NCTC clone 929Neuro-2a [N2a]NG108-15P19PC-12PC-3RajiRamosRAW 264.7RBL-1S49Saos-2Schneider‘s Drosophila Line 2SH-SY5YSK-N-SHSK-OV-3SW480T/C-28 a2T/GHA-VSMCT-47DTHP-1U-2 OSVeroContent:•2.25 mL Nucleofector™ Solution V•0.5 mL Supplement 1•30 µg pmaxGFP™ Vector (0.5 μg/μl in 10 mM Tris pH 8.0)•25 Aluminum cuvette (100 µL)•25 Single use pipettes


Artikelnummer LONVCA-1003
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Herstellernummer VCA-1003
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