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NHLF – Human Lung Fibroblasts

NHLF – Human Lung Fibroblasts
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NHLF – Human Lung Fibroblasts


Lonza's Human Lung Fibroblasts are isolated from adult lung tissue. Some matched donor sets of lung fibroblasts, bronchial smooth muscle cells, bronchial epithelial cells may be available.
Lung fibroblasts play a role in airway inflammation and airway remodeling. They can be a target for asthma medications in pharmaceutical development. The most abundant cell type in lung interstitium is fibroblasts. They resemble ordinary fibroblasts but have some distinguishing features, for example, they have long branching processes and gap junctions. Their principle function is production of type III collagen, elastin, and proteoglycans of the extracellular matrix of the alveolar septa.
Pulmonary fibroblasts (PF) play an important role in the repair and remodeling processes following injury. The controlled accumulation of fibroblasts to sites of inflammation is crucial to effective tissue repair after injury. Either inadequate or excessive accumulation of fibroblasts could result in abnormal tissue function. For example, the excess proliferation of fibroblasts contributes to the adventitial thickening observed during the development of hypoxia-induced pulmonary hypertension. Important research applications includ pulmonary disease, i.e. COPD, asthma, CF, TB, cancer.
Cryopreserved CloneticsTM Normal Human Lung Fibroblasts cells are guaranteed through 15 population doublings, they are tested for negative von Willebrand Factor Expression/Factor VIII, cytokeratins 18 and 19, and alpha smooth muscle actin   All cells test negative for mycoplasma, bacteria, yeast, and fungi. HIV-1, hepatitis B and hepatitis C are not detected for all donors and/or cell lots. A Certificate of Analysis is provided for each cell lot purchased.


Artikelnummer LONCC-2512
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