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Rat Neonatal Cardiac Myocytes

Rat Neonatal Cardiac Myocytes
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Artikelnummer: LONR-CM-561

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Rat Neonatal Cardiac Myocytes


Neonatal, ventricular CloneticsTM Rat Cardiac Myocytes (P1-3) are high quality primary myocyte cells prepared by standardized methods, and are ready for immediate culture upon thaw.
One vial of cardiac myocyte cells contains ≥ 4 million viable cells at ≥ 85% purity. This will seed into 10 or more wells of a 24-well plate and 26 or more wells of a 96-well plate using the recommended plating densities and medium.When thawed and cultured you will obtain high viability, with excellent morphology and connectivity, and cells will display beating at 24 hours in culture.
Each lot of these cells test positive for functional syncytium formation, and stain positive for actinin. Cells also test negative for mycoplasma and bacteria. Primary cardiac myocyte cells need an appropriate substrate to adhere and survive. The preferred substrate is nitrocellulose.
Recommended medium: RCGM™ BulletKit™ (CC-4515)*
*CloneticsTM RCGM™Rat Cardiac Myocyte Growth Medium is specifically formulated for the growth and survival of rat neonatal cardiac myocytes in culture. Lonza offers customers a fully validated and optimized cardiomyocyte medium and growth factors to complement our CloneticsTM Rat Cardiac Myocytes, R-CM-561, as a complete system to study cardiac biology/toxicology.


Artikelnummer LONR-CM-561
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Herstellernummer R-CM-561
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