Rat Calvariae Osteoblasts

Rat Calvariae Osteoblasts
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Ready-to-use Rat Calvariae Osteoblasts are dissociated from Sprague Dawley rat embryos. These cells offer an excellent model system for the study of osteoblastic growth and mineralization and can be used in research applications for bone disease, repair and formation.
Every cell lot is tested for the ability to form mineralized nodules. Additionally, you can conveniently measure mineralization with our OsteoImage™ Mineralization Assay (PA-1503).

Proliferation: Lonza's classical DMEM (12-604F) medium and MSCGM™ SingleQuot kits (00192820)
Differentiation: Lonza's classical DMEM (12-604F) medium and rMSCTM SingleQuot kits (00192829)
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Artikelnummer LONR-OST-583
Hersteller Lonza
Hersteller Artikelnummer R-OST-583
Verpackungseinheit 500.000 cells AMP
Mengeneinheit STK
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