Cellular Assays

Cellular Assays

For the cellular investigation of proliferation, cytotoxicity and certain cell functions, Lonza offers various assays.
With unprecedented speed and high sensitivity, ViaLight assays provide an alternative to radioactive test methods for the experimental study of proliferation and cell death.
ToxiLight assays are characterized by their non-destructive method. The adenylate kinase released from damaged cells is measured in these assays.
With regard to cell function, we offer assays for the determination of phosphodiesterases (PDELight) and cyclases (PPiLight). In addition, you will find various assays for the determination of various cellular functions of primary cells and cell lines, e.g. functions of the lipid metabolism and bone structure.

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  1. ViaLight Plus Assay Kit 500 tests
    ViaLight Plus Cell Proliferation and Cytotoxicity BioAssay Kit, 500 Test
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    Sku LONLT07-221
    Manufact. SkuLT07-221
    Packaging Unit500 tests
  2. ToxiLight Assay Kit with plates, 500 tests
    ToxiLight Assay Kit including (5) 96-Well Clear Bottom, White Walled Plates, 500 Tests
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    Sku LONLT17-217
    Manufact. SkuLT17-217
    Packaging Unit500 tests
  3. OsteoImage Mineralization 500 tests, 96 well
    OsteoImage Mineralization Assay, 500 Test
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    Sku LONPA-1503
    Manufact. SkuPA-1503
    Packaging Unit500 tests
  4. PPiLight inorganic Pyrophosphate 500 assays
    PPiLight Inorganic Pyrophosphate Assay, 500 Test
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    Sku LONLT07-610
    Manufact. SkuLT07-610
    Packaging Unit500 tests
  5. AdipoRed Assay Reagent 5 vials
    AdipoRed Assay Reagent, 20 mL
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    Sku LONPT-7009
    Manufact. SkuPT-7009
    Packaging Unit5 × 4 ml
  6. OsteoAssay Assay Kit
    OsteoAssay Human Bone Plate
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    Sku LONPA-1000
    Manufact. SkuPA-1000
    Packaging Unit96 plates
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    Sku LONLT37-619
    Manufact. SkuLT37-619
    Packaging Unit100 Test/Kit
  8. White, clear bottom 96-well TC Plates-25
    Tissue Culture Plates, 25 Count
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    Sku LONLT27-102
    Manufact. SkuLT27-102
    Packaging Unit25 plates
  9. Cel Lysis Reagent 100 ml
    Cel Lysis Reagent 100 ml
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    Sku LONLT27-077
    Manufact. SkuLT27-077
    Packaging Unit100 ml
  10. ATP Standard 5 ml
    ATP Standard, 5 mL
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    Sku LONLT27-008
    Manufact. SkuLT27-008
    Packaging Unit5 ml
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