FAQ - Frequently asked questions

In our FAQ you will find the most frequently asked questions and our short answers. If you cannot find the answer, please contact us by e-mail at mail@szabo-scandic.com or by phone at +43 1 489 39 61-0. We are happy to help you!

Customer account

Who can order at SZABO-SCANDIC?

Most of the products at SZABO-SCANDIC can only be ordered by authorized companies and institutions. Therefore, it is essential to fill out the fields correctly during registration so that we can verify the order and accurately assign you as the purchaser.


I did not receive a confirmation mail of the order. What could be the reason?

Please check if the confirmation mail is sent to your spam folder by mistake. If this is not the case, please review the spelling of your e-mail address. Make sure that all information is correct. Should no confirmation mail have been sent out, it will reviewed by us internally. For further questions, please contact us per e-mail under mail@szabo-scandic.com or by phone under +43 1 489 39 61 0.


I forgot my password. How do I get a new one?

Please go to SIGN IN and then click on FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD under REGISTERED CUSTOMERS. You will receive a link to reset the password in your e-mail. Click on the link and choose a new password.


I do not have a customer account – can I still order?

Since we are only allowed to sell majority of the medical products to authorized persons, a customer account is required for verification of your order. Please go to NEW CUSTOMERS and CREATE AN ACCOUNT.


How can I update my information?

Please log in to your customer account with your e-mail address and password. There you can correct your information, add a new delivery address, and save the changes. Please note that changing your billing address is only possible by SZABO-SCANDIC. To correct your billing address please contact us after you made an order per e-mail at mail@szabo-scandic.com or by phone under +43 1 489 39 61 0.


I changed company and am now ordering from there. Do I have to create a new account?

Yes, you have to create a new account since each account is created with the respective company e-mail address. You will receive your institution/company access after verification of your information by SZABO-SCANDIC (max. 1 working day).


I took over the account from a former colleague. Do I have to create a new account for new orders?

No, you do not have to create a new account. Please log in to the customer account and go to ACCOUNT INFORMATION. There you can fill in the new customer information and then click on SAVE.


How do I order with the e-ordering system or the PunchOut system?

For many customers we have created an interface between their internal e-ordering system and our online shop, also called the PunchOut system. Start your internal e-ordering system and click on our company logo or name to get access to our online offers. Select the desired products at the respective quantity and add the articles to the shopping basket. When you click on “PunchOut”, the order will be sent to your internal e-ordering system. There the order will be reviewed, approved and placed.


SZABO-SCANDIC is not listed in our internal e-ordering system. How can I request its inclusion in the system?

Please refer to your responsible purchase department. We would be more than happy to send you the necessary forms to create a PunchOut solution. For this please contact our IT department it@szabo-scandic.com.


Do I need a new password for the PunchOut system?

You generally need a password to access your internal ordering system. When you log in to our PunchOut catalogue, you will be automatically signed in.



I cannot find a product for my research application – what can I do?

We at SZABO-SCANDIC are proud to be able to find products which are difficult to acquire. Please send us an e-mail to mail@szabo-scandic.com or contact us under +43 1 489 39 61-0. For the special inquiry we need one or more specifications of the product:

  • Literature references
  • Name of the product
  • Name of the manufacturer and field of application
  • Product description and application area


The product is only available in large quantities. Can I order smaller amounts?

We offer many products at different packaging sizes. If you have a special request, please contact the customer service at mail@szabo-scandic.com or per phone under +43 1 489 3961-0.


I would like to repeat the order from last time. Do I have to put all products in the shopping basket again?

No. You can view all orders in your account under LAST ORDERS. Click on the desired order, open it, and click on REPEAT ORDER. With this the entire order will be placed in the shopping basket. You can of course correct the order individually in the shopping basket, add or delete products and change their quantities.


Can I save the shopping basket and continue the order at a later timepoint?

To save your shopping basket for a later timepoint, you have to be signed in to your customer account. Should you not have a customer account, please register and create a new account. As soon as you are signed in, the shopping basket will be automatically saved. You can also create a wish list. Click on the heart next to the product to mark the product. Under MY WISHLIST you can see marked products, verify them, place them in the shopping basket or delete them.


How can I forward my shopping basket to our internal e-ordering system?

If the institute or organization for which you are employed possesses over an internal e-ordering system, the purchase will be automatically forwarded. For further questions please refer to your purchasing department or our IT department at it@szabo-scandic.com.


Which payment methods do SZABO-SCANDIC accept?

In general, you can pay by invoice.

Invoice amounts are due within 30 days of invoice date without any deduction unless otherwise agreed with your institute. First orders are explicitly taken with advance payment. Starting with the second order, standard payment condition of 30 days netto apply.


What do I do in case of complaints?

Should there be reason for complaints despite our meticulous quality control, contact our customer service at mail@szabo-scandic.com. Please take a picture of the deficit, if possible, and describe it in your e-mail.


Can I put a different delivery address than the billing address?

Of course you can change the delivery address. Please add the new delivery address to your customer account under BILLING and DELIVERY ADDRESS.


I work in a company or at a university which is a customer of SZABO-SCANDIC. How can I note this so that it will be billed centrally?

Some of our clients have their own ordering systems. Please ask first internally if this is the case. If yes, then it is usually enough to note the article number of the desired products and proceed with the order within your internal ordering system.


How do I receive the invoice to my order?

Generally, you receive the invoice – if not agreed differently – per mail as soon as the delivery is on its way to you. If you wish to receive the invoice per e-mail, contact us at mail@szabo-scandic.com or by phone +43 1 489 3961-0.



How long is the delivery time?

SZABO-SCANDIC has its own warehouse in Vienna, where all prevalent products, especially in the area of consumables and diagnostics, are stocked. Therefore, SZABO-SCANDIC is able to deliver many orders within one to two working days. Additionally, the storage and safety stock of many products were increased early 2021 to face any shortages. The availability is stated for majority of the products in the online shop, also for products not in storage. The amount of the indicated days for delivery refers to the earliest possible delivery date.

SZABO-SCANDIC cooperates with more than 120 manufacturers from the EU and all over the world. The company specializes in locating products that are difficult to obtain or not available in Austria. These can be research products, consumables or specific diagnostic products, which were mentioned in publications but whose manufacturers or origins are unclear.


How are the orders sent?

Our main warehouse is in the 10th district of Vienna. Additionally, we operate an external warehouse at the Vienna Airport to ensure fast and efficient delivery. Within Vienna the delivery is carried out either by our workhouse staff or logistic partners. For all other orders within Austria, but also abroad, SZABO-SCANDIC cooperates with parcel services and in case of palletized goods with shipping companies.


How can the cold chain be maintained for frozen products?

SZABO-SCANDIC uses special insulating boxes with cooling agent (dried ice, cooling elements) for delivery of frozen products and delivers them in Vienna within few hours and in other counties within 24 hours of leaving our warehouse. Please store these products after receiving them at the specified freezing temperatures immediately.


How high are the shipping costs?

Shipping is free for orders over 200 Euros. Please take into account that there may be additional charges, for instance for dried ice.



Why are there supply difficulties for some of the SZABO-SCANDIC products?

There are many reasons for supply difficulties, for instance shortage and increase in price for raw materials, limitations due to corona or problems with the delivery chain. We are in constant contact with our distributor. SZABO-SCZANDIC has several brands in stock and happily offers alternatives if needed.


Are there positive controls for diagnostic tests?

Not all tests contain positive controls, but in our kits they are mostly included. In some cases, external products are also available. For further questions please contact our responsible product managers. You can find the contact details on the “About us” page.


Which quality standards do SZABO-SCANDIC apply to guarantee the reliability and quality of the products?

We place great emphasis on quality – both in our own work and also in that of our distributors – and regularly undergo an external audit and certification. We are quality certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and since 2015 in the Pivotal Scientific Network for preferred distributors in Austria in all matters relating to the laboratory and research.


According to which criteria does SZABO-SCANDIC choose the listed manufacturers and products?

New manufacturers are included in the product range if they can convince us with the quality of their products. With our in-house quality management, we carefully select the offered goods. We are constantly on the lookout for suitable products for the needs of our customers. After all, our customers should be able to get valid research and test results.


Is there the possibility to see or test a laboratory equipment in advance?

It is important to us that our customers purchase laboratory equipment that meets their requirements. Therefore, we have demonstration units for several devices or are able to provide them. Please contact our product managers in this case. You can find the contact details on the “About us” page.


How many antibodies does SZABO-SCANDIC have in its assortment?

SZABO-SCANDIC can delivery several desired antibodies. At the moment we have over 750,000 antibodies in our assortment. If you cannot find a product in our catalogue or online shop, please send us your request per e-mail to mail@szabo-scandic.com.


What is the difference between black, white, and transparent microplates?

SZABO-SCANDIC offers microplates from Corning, Abnova and Thermo Scientific/Matrix. Colored plates, black or white, are used for assays where it is essential to avoid well-to-well crosstalk. Black plates are used for fluorescence assays and white ones for luminescence assays. Transparent microplates are used for all other applications.


How long can culture media be used?

There is media in liquid or powder form. The shelf life is set by the manufacturer and also depends on storage conditions, especially the storage temperature. The shelf life is visible on the label but can also be found in the lot specific CoA.


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