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We are sorry but at the moment you will find our complete website only in German – we are working on translations for different areas of our site.
In the meantime please find some relevant information on „who we are“ and „what we do“ right here on this page and in the linked document below.
We distribute mainly to the Austrian market with a diverse product mix. Our expertise in logistics as well as the technicalities of our products allow us to also distribute to the rest of the European Union – especially within our huge range of research products.

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Since 1963

More than 50 years of experience and competence in the Austrian Life Science market is the strength of SZABO-SCANDIC. 
Our core business is distribution and servicing of consumables, research reagents, laboratory instruments and specific diagnostics.

SZABO-SCANDIC´s mission:
Provide premier Life Science products through a close and active relationship with our customers and by choosing suppliers with innovative technologies.

The scope of our business is located in the areas of

  • Research Products and Biochemicals
  • Diagnostics and Molecular Diagnostics
  • Laboratory Instruments and Service
  • Cell Culture and Consumables


Customer-specific solutions, local logistics, service and maintenance as well as competitive prices, all have top priority in our business policy.
SZABO-SCANDIC offers several B2B and customer specific e-procurement solutions.

Our quality management system guarantees complete documentation and tracking of all our products and processes.


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Your contact persons

  • Laurent Haze

    Customer Service Diagnostics and Research Products / Head of Logistics
    +43 1 4893961 37
  • Eliette Weiss

    Customer Service Research Products
    +43 1 4893961 29
  • Janine Medic

    Customer Service Diagnostics
    +43 1 4893961 24
  • Marijana Filipovic

    Customer Service Cell Culture and Consumables
    +43 1 4893961 22
  • Andrea Weißeneder

    Customer Service Laboratory Instruments and Maintenance
    +43 1 4893961 35