1. Complement system roadmap

    Complement diagnostics – where to start?

    Our immune system does not only consist of antibodies and lymphocytes. The so-called complement system is part of the innate, non-specific immune system and involves more than 40 plasma proteins, which are only activated upon infection.

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  2. George King Bio-Medical Benelux

    Attention Benelux! George King Bio-Medical products now available

    We are excited to announce that SZABO-SCANDIC has extended the partnership with George King Bio-Medical and is now the exclusive distributor for their products in the Benelux area. This new development is the result of years of successful collaboration between the two companies and will provide customers in the region with access to a wide range of qualitative human plasmas.

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  3. Instruments from Bertin Instruments

    Homogenising samples with bead homogenisers

    Sample homogenisation is an important step in the preparation of biological samples for a variety of applications, including the analysis of proteins, DNA, RNA and other molecules. Homogenisation is the process of mechanically breaking up cells or tissues and releasing the molecules they contain.

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  4. food and animal feed analytics

    On the search for salmonella and other problematic substances: Food and animal feed analytics

    Are residues of pesticides in the milk? Salmonella in eggs? Does the meat contain excessive residues of antibiotics? Is the fish already spoiled? And does the expensive wine illicitly contain sweeteners?

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  5. Object Tracking Module

    Object Tracking Module - New Software Tool for Gen5 Image Prime

    The new Object Tracking Module for Live Cell Imaging microscopy allows the movement and changes of cells to be tracked and analysed in real time. This can help to better understand the dynamics of cell processes and, for example, to observe the effects of drugs or other treatments on cells.

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  6. PyroCellTM Monozyten-Aktivierungstest

    A non-animal alternative to the rabbit pyrogen test

    Animal welfare organizations have been calling for a ban of rabbit pyrogen testing (RPT) for a long time – and finally successfully. By 2026, animal tests are no longer allowed for the obligatory pyrogen tests, detecting fever-causing impurities (pyrogens) in parental medicines.

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  7. virus city humans vienna

    COVID-19, Influenza or RSV? Rapid tests enable fast and precise therapy

    Currently, not only is SARS-CoV-2 rampant in Austria, but also influenza (mainly A) and RSV (respiratory syncytial virus). For the first two vaccines exist, whereas for RSV only a passive immunization with synthetically manufactured antibodies for prophylactic use is available.

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  8. Forschungsfortschritt Projekt Sarah Spöck

    Life science products for Immunis award winner 2021

    SZABO-SCANDIC has been supporting the young researcher Sarah Spöck, who is investigating the role and function of TET enzymes, as part of the Immunis Sponsorship for Young Science for a year. Next to the cash prize, it is primarily in-kind contribution in form of medical products, which eases the daily research routine of Sarah Spöck.

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  9. further training fund biomed austria

    SZABO-SCANDIC finances the biomed austria fund for further training with

    In Austria biomedical analysts are not only obliged by law to further training. Biomed austria, the professional association of biomedical analysts, also recommends voluntary further training. The professional association offers a fund specifically for further training to which SZABO-SCANDIC added 2500 euros for 2023.

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  10. Medica 2022 supplier Agilent Technologies

    Medica 2022 - Szabo-Scandic met important suppliers

    The world's leading medical trade fair "Medica" took place from 14 to 17 November 2022 with 81,000 visitors in Düsseldorf, Germany. With over 5,000 participations from 70 nations, a wide variety of innovations was offered.

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