1. Forschungsfortschritt Projekt Sarah Spöck

    Life science products for Immunis award winner 2021

    SZABO-SCANDIC has been supporting the young researcher Sarah Spöck, who is investigating the role and function of TET enzymes, as part of the Immunis Sponsorship for Young Science for a year. Next to the cash prize, it is primarily in-kind contribution in form of medical products, which eases the daily research routine of Sarah Spöck.

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  2. further training fund biomed austria

    SZABO-SCANDIC finances the biomed austria fund for further training with

    In Austria biomedical analysts are not only obliged by law to further training. Biomed austria, the professional association of biomedical analysts, also recommends voluntary further training. The professional association offers a fund specifically for further training to which SZABO-SCANDIC added 2500 euros for 2023.

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  3. Medica 2022 supplier Agilent Technologies

    Medica 2022 - Szabo-Scandic met important suppliers

    The world's leading medical trade fair "Medica" took place from 14 to 17 November 2022 with 81,000 visitors in Düsseldorf, Germany. With over 5,000 participations from 70 nations, a wide variety of innovations was offered.

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  4. Corning Lambda EliteMax Semi-automated Benchtop Pipettor

    New Pipettor: Corning Lambda EliteMax

    The Corning® Lambda™ EliteMax Benchtop Pipettor is a semi automated, affordable, and easy-to-use liquid handler for lab benches that are tight on space but require the power and ability to perform high content screenings for large volumes of assays. This is the optimal solution for purification, isolation and extraction methods for sample preparation and compound management.

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  5. microPro20 and safety cabinet Faster

    Working in Safety Cabinets with the microPro

    Sample contamination is a major concern for molecular biology work. It can create data issues, ruin precious samples, and waste valuable working time. Performing experimental protocols in a biosafety cabinet is an excellent way to help reduce the risk of contamination and help keep laboratory workers safe when working with hazardous reagents or samples.

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  6. Immunis Sponsorship Award, Logo Szabo-Scandic & Logo NGI

    Award winners of the 2nd Immunis Sponsorship for Young science have been announced

    The winner of the Immunis Sponsorship for Young Science is Illaria Dorigatti, who is investigating the function of the enzyme PEDS1 on the hematopoetic system. She is receiving cash and in-kind contribution worth 6,500 euros from the medical products specialist Szabo-Scandic. The recognition award endowed with 1,000 euros goes to Konstantin Adrian Klötzer at the Medical University of Graz.

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  7. recombinant antibodies

    Polyclonal? Monoclonal? Recombinant antibodies!

    Antibodies have been used in several areas of research and diagnostics for decades. The most commonly used assay with antibodies is the immunoblot or western blot.

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  8. Corning Matribot Bioprinter

    Corning Matribot Bioprinter - Welcome to the World of 3D Cell Culture and Bioprinting

    The new Corning® Matribot® bioprinter is a breakthrough benchtop device that enables you to dispense and print with temperature sensitive hydrogels such as Corning Matrigel matrix and Collagen without cold blocks, ice buckets or cold room, as well as hydrogels that require ambient temperature.

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  9. Immunis Sponsorship for Young Science Award with NGI and Szabo-Scandic Logo

    Nominated candidates for the 2nd Immunis Sponsorship for Young Science

    The nominated candidates for the Immunis Sponsorship for Young Science this year are Ilaria Dorigatti, who is investigating the function of the enzyme PEDS1 on the hematopoietic system at the Medical University of Innsbruck, and Konstantin Adrian Klötzer, who is researching the influence of ketogenic diets on kidney diseases at the Medical University of Graz.

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  10. recombinant antibodies GeneTex

    New recombinant antibodies for mitochondrial and cardiovascular research

    We offer you new recombinant antibodies from our supplier GeneTex for mitochondrial and cardiovascular research. Mitochondria are dynamic organelles involved in a variety of cellular metabolic processes that go beyond mere ATP generation.

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