1. factor deficiency in plasma

    Correctly determine factor deficiency in plasma

    Normally, so-called coagulation factors in the plasma ensure rapid haemostasis. If these factors are missing or are only produced inadequately, this can result in excessive bleeding or even serious haemorrhages in joints or brain haemorrhages and means an increased risk during operations.

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  2. Immunis Sponsorship for Young Science

    3rd Immunis Sponsorship for Young Science

    SZABO-SCANDIC and the Next Generation Immunologists are again launching the Immunis Sponsorship for Young Science. The research grant has already supported four young scientists in their projects. In this third round, cash and material prizes totalling 7,500 euros are available. The application deadline is June 30, 2024.

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  3. Szabo-Scandic Logo


    SZABO-SCANDIC proudly presents the new logo and we would like to explain what it represents. The design emphasises our commitment to the life science sector across Europe. It stands for our unified mission to provide top-tier life science products and services as well as driving progress in research and healthcare.

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  4. Europa Biosite Logo

    Nordic BioSite Group announces acquisition of LubioScience & name change to Europa Biosite

    Established in 1997, Nordic BioSite was founded with the ambition to be the leading Nordic distribution partner of premium reagents for life science research use. Four years ago, following the successful penetration of the Nordic market, their commercial ambition was broadened to become the leading life science distributor in Europe. Nordic BioSite Group has since increased sales x5 through high organic growth and yearly best-in-class acquisitions.

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  5. vectaplex vector laboratories

    VectaPlex™ Antibody Removal Kit: The breakthrough multi-fluorescence labeling

    The VectaPlex™ Antibody Removal Kit from Vector Laboratories is a groundbreaking innovation in life science research. It enables the simultaneous use of up to six different fluorescent dyes in a single tissue section, revolutionizing the analysis of biological samples.

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  6. Arvensis composite pcr plate cell exosome isolation kit

    New supplier: Arvensis Bioscience & Cell Guidance Systems

    We are excited to announce our new suppliers!

    Arvensis Bioscience - Sustainable science. Remarkable results.

    CELL guidance systems - Supporting your research


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  7. Complement system roadmap

    Complement diagnostics – where to start?

    Our immune system does not only consist of antibodies and lymphocytes. The so-called complement system is part of the innate, non-specific immune system and involves more than 40 plasma proteins, which are only activated upon infection.

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  8. George King Bio-Medical Benelux

    Attention Benelux! George King Bio-Medical products now available

    We are excited to announce that SZABO-SCANDIC has extended the partnership with George King Bio-Medical and is now the exclusive distributor for their products in the Benelux area. This new development is the result of years of successful collaboration between the two companies and will provide customers in the region with access to a wide range of qualitative human plasmas.

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  9. Instruments from Bertin Instruments

    Homogenising samples with bead homogenisers

    Sample homogenisation is an important step in the preparation of biological samples for a variety of applications, including the analysis of proteins, DNA, RNA and other molecules. Homogenisation is the process of mechanically breaking up cells or tissues and releasing the molecules they contain.

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  10. food and animal feed analytics

    On the search for salmonella and other problematic substances: Food and animal feed analytics

    Are residues of pesticides in the milk? Salmonella in eggs? Does the meat contain excessive residues of antibiotics? Is the fish already spoiled? And does the expensive wine illicitly contain sweeteners?

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