1. Lectins Research

    Are lectins better markers than antibodies?

    Many are probably aware that lectins are complex proteins, or glycoproteins. However, lectins are also appealing for research due to their ability to recognize and bind specific carbohydrates. If this property is taken advantage of, a previously unimaginable number of possibilities could be discovered. Especially since lectins are even more accurate as markers than antibodies alone.

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  2. Lonza 4D-Nucleofector

    Trusted Transfection with the Next Generation 4D-Nucleofector Platform

    Life science researchers worldwide rely on Nucleofector Technology for transfecting hard-to-transfect cell lines and primary cells. Fast, consistent and reliable transfection results, Optimized Protocols for more than 750 cell types and excellent scientific support so you can focus on ground-breaking research.

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  3. SZ-SC logo Ukraine flag colours

    Our contribution to Ukraine

    Szabo-Scandic has been supporting various social projects for many years. In this difficult time, we as employees also want to make a contribution to Ukraine.

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  4. Immunis 2022 Szabo-Scandic and NGI

    Immunis Sponsorship for Young Science 2022 launched

    Two young talents are currently being sponsored by Szabo-Scandic as part of the Immunis Sponsorship for Young Science (Immunis). Now the new turn starts. Szabo-Scandic and NGI – the junior organization of the Austrian Society for Allergology and Immunology young scientists – announce the Immunis 2022.

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  5. QuicKey Pro ELISA Kit from Elabscience

    Recently developed: QuicKey Pro ELISA Kits

    Ever since the discovery of theenzyme-linkedimmunosorbent assay (ELISA) in 1971, little has changed in the procedure. Only with the research of the two variants: Sandwich-ELISA and competitive ELISA, some development started. The QuicKey Pro ELISA Kits have been created.

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  6. We are hiring! Product Specialist

    We are hiring! Product Specialist

    To strengthen our team, we are looking for a product specialist for sales in the field of biotechnology – cell culture life science consumables. The basis of good communication with customers and suppliers is important to you? Do you have a medical or scientific education? Do you like to travel? Then we look forward to receiving your application!

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  7. Research Trends 2020/21

    COVID-19 shapes future research plans

    A total of 83 drugs for human consumption and 10 for veterinarian use were approved for sale in the EU market in 2021. In the previous year, 2020, 90 human and 19 veterinarian drugs were approved. This displays a decline of 15%. Admittedly, 2020 was an exceptional year with a great number of approvals.

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  8. positive Control SARS-CoV-2 from Microbix

    External SARS-CoV-2 positive Controls from the company Microbix

    Are you already using external SARS-CoV-2 controls to verify your RT PCR assays? SZABO-SCANDIC offers now two reliable controls manufactured by the company Microbix. The REDx™ FLOQ® SARS-CoV-2 Swab Positive Control and the REDx™ SARS-CoV-2 Positive Control (Vial) are available for you.

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  9. Corning Cell Counter Organoid Software V1 and V2

    Organoid Counting Software for the Corning® Cell Counter

    Traditionally, Corning’s cloud-based automated cell counter has focused on rapidly capturing the detailed-analysis of 2D cell cultures. The addition of the organoid counting application expands our cell counting capabilities into the vastly developing 3D space. If you are interested we will gladly give you a demo.

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  10. Primary Cells and Media Lonza

    Primary Cells and Media

    Primary cells are cells directly isolated from human or animal healthy tissues and that reflect the biological diversity of the different body districts and donors they are isolated from. Lonza offers a large variety of human and animal cells, both fresh and cryopreserved, from almost all tissues, and can give a broad range of information on the donors cells. Our Bullet Kit Media simplify the shift from cell lines to primary cells.

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