AllCells has been the leading provider of high quality human primary blood and bone marrow cells for over 21 years. In February 2019, Lonza and AllCells entered into a collaboration to manufacture and globally commercialize a broad range of hematopoietic primary cells. This partnership extends Lonza's range of hematopoietic cells and now allows choosing from a very wide range of high quality primary cells.

Under the agreement, AllCells' entire research portfolio will carry the Lonza branding.

Hematopoietic primary cells play a crucial role in the advancement of in vitro research because they accurately reflect the morphology, metabolism and growth characteristics in vivo. However, to obtain these cells, researchers must find a variety of donors and perform a series of laborious cell isolations. At AllCells, state-of-the-art donor facilities are used to collect cells and tissues from a large repertoire of recallable donors, making it possible to meet customer-specific orders in the shortest possible time. AllCells immediately processes fresh tissue to produce purified cell types with unprecedented quality and consistency.

  •  Consistently high cell viability
  • high purity subtypes
  • guarantees exact information of cell numbers

AllCells is known for its high-quality cells and flexibility to adapt to unique customer requirements. Comprehensive documentation is provided to comply with FDA and EU regulations for the collection of tissues and cells for human use. The dispensers will be approved in accordance with GMP, FDA, CFR 21CFR1271 and EU Directives 2004/23 / EC and 2006/17 / EC.s. examined and tissue removed.


For more information, please contact

Mag. Norbert Wahler
+43 1 4893961 55

Dr. Andreas Bergmann
+43 1 4893961 40