The Avidien microPro 300 from our new supplier AltemisLab is the smallest 96 channel semi-automated benchtop pipettor in the world. With this pipettor, flexible multi-function pipetting is possible from simple to more complex liquid handling steps in your laboratory.


  • User friendly
    All features are programmable using the intuitive iPad app.

  • RingLock tip system
    Simple and easy tip changes. Touchless tip ejection, reducing the risk of contamination.

  • Pipetting depth recall
    Customisable depth settings can be saved and used for most manufacturer’s plate types.

  • Custom programs
    Create programs and arrange steps in any order, including unique instructions in long and complex assays.

  • Easily recall programs
    Store regularly used programs in favourites and organise them by name, type and date.

  • 10x speed control
    Choose speed settings for any aspirate and dispense operation.

  • 384 well plates
    Switch from 96 to 384 well plates quickly and easily with the 96/384 nest converter.

  • Special liquids
    Create and save unique calibration settings for special liquids and re-use these settings during any program.

  • Precision pipette tips
    Non-filtered or filtered precision automation pipette tips in a convenient cartridge format.

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