Safety cabinet in mission bus for fast and germ-free testing

When there is an increased risk of infection, crowds of people or clusters of infections, rapid certainty about the incidence of new infections is essential. With the first test and laboratory bus, the Office of Armaments and Defense Technology relies on a fully equipped mobile laboratory. The microbiological safety cabinet from the manufacturer FASTER is used in the test and laboratory bus for the safe and valid evaluation of samples.

"We are pleased to be able to contribute a significant part to the equipment of the mobile laboratory with the workbench," says Mag. Günter Schleinzer from the medical device specialist Szabo-Scandic. The built-in microbiological safety workbench does not take up much space, but its recirculating, sterile air flow provides ideal working conditions for preparation of samples for subsequent test procedures. 70% of the air in the safety cabinet is recirculated through the main HEPA/ULPA filter, and the remaining 30% is exhausted through a HEPA/ULPA exhaust filter. The workbench can create ideal and stable laboratory conditions in a small space and prevent contamination of samples by bacteria.

Up to 380 tests per day can be evaluated by the testing and laboratory bus of the Austrian Armed Forces and thus quickly and – thanks to PCR tests – also very specifically detect infections. However, other viruses, bacteria or even fungi can also be examined in the laboratory on wheels of the Austrian Armed Forces. After a pilot operation, the bus can be requested by all military commands nationwide. In principle, the workbench is suitable for the abstraction of any sample, whether for COVID-19, Influenza, Ebola, Malaria, Legionella or Salmonella. In any case, the test and laboratory bus will help to identify clusters more quickly and to set measures such as isolation in a more targeted manner.

Report of the Federal Army