SZABO-SCANDIC has been supporting the young researcher Sarah Spöck, who is investigating the role and function of TET enzymes, as part of the Immunis Sponsorship for Young Science for a year. Next to the cash prize, it is primarily in-kind contribution in form of medical products, which eases the daily research routine of Sarah Spöck.

The young scientist works at the Medical University of Innsbruck and analyses the effect of epigenetic TET enzymes TET2 and TET3 on the development of autoimmune diseases, such as the autoimmune lymphoproliferative syndrome (ALPS), and how their activity influences the course of the disease for her doctoral dissertation. SZABO-SCENDIC donates the necessary “equipment” for the research model in mice. Specifically, SZABO-SCANDIC has delivered following products so far:

Our diagnostic products and antibodies support the valid detection of necessary parameters for Sarah Spöck’s research, the deciphering of the molecular basis of lymph proliferations and identification of potential weaknesses from a non-functioning TET. We are delighted that we are able to deliver necessary puzzle pieces for research with our high-quality products.