Product range Bethyl LaboratoriesWe are pleased to present our new manufacturer Bethyl Laboratories, Inc. Bethyl has been dedicated to improving lives by supporting scientific discovery through its qualified antibody products and custom services since its founding in 1972.

Bethyl has a global reputation for quality and consistency. During the production of the antibodies, the focus is primarily on quality. Every antibody that Bethyl sells is manufactured to exacting standards in Montgomery, Texas. Anhand eines einzigartiges Validierungs- und Qualitätskontrollprotokoll werden die Antikörper mit der höchsten Empfindlichkeit und minimaler Kreuzreaktivität von Bethyl's Wissenschaftlerteam ausgewählt. On the basis of a unique validation and quality control protocol, the antibodies with the highest sensitivity and minimal cross-reactivity are selected by Bethyl's team of scientists.

Instead of testing one antibody, Bethyl tests with paired antibodies raised against distinct protein epitopes. Only antibodies that demonstrate specificity by immunoprecipitation and/or Western blot are advanced for testing in other applications. So that you can convince yourself of the quality, Bethyl offers test statistics for many of their products!

The product range of Bethyl Laboratories:

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