Research Donors Blut und Blutprodukte

Are you looking for fresh human whole blood, various blood products such as human serum and plasma, PBMCs, fresh buffy coats and various frozen human blood products as well as fresh leukopaks? This is where we can help you with the products of our new supplier Research Donors.

Research Donors, based in London, is an HTA licensed company specialised in the collection of fresh human blood samples for research purposes. All stages of production, from collection to processing, take place in London. Products are delivered the day after collection.

For all products ordered, Research Donors is absolutely committed to the customer's wishes. Collection, processing and storage, as well as the choice of donors, are all carried out according to the customers specifications.

The numerous donors provide a large, diverse pool of healthy, paid volunteers who have signed a comprehensive consent form allowing their donation to be used in a wide range of research applications, including commercial research and genetic testing research. All samples are tested for a range of infectious diseases before release.

You can find overall 9,000 products in the following categories:

If you have any questions, please contact one of our responsible contact persons. We are happy to advise you!