Ever since the discovery of the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay(ELISA) in 1971, little has changed in the procedure. Only with the research of the two variants: Sandwich-ELISA and competitive ELISA, some development started. 

Today, ELISA is a widely used tool in research and diagnostics for the detection and quantification of proteins, viruses, but also hormones, toxins or pesticides from a wide variety of samples such as blood, serum, milk, urine amongst many others.

Due to this enormous variety of possibilities, our manufacturer Elabscience decided to develop new kits to simplify the procedure for the users. These kits are based on the original principle of the ELISA, but have a higher sensitivity with less time: the so-called QuicKey ELISA Kits were created. 

Nevertheless, Elabscience decided to go one-step further and kept improving its kits. They succeeded in developing kits that simplify the assay even further and thus achieve even greater time savings with the same or even higher sensitivity. They called their new kits: QuicKey Pro ELISA Kits or "One-Step ELISA Kits".

Here is a comparison of the traditional ELISA with the QuicKey® and QuicKey Prokits: 

  ELISA QuicKey® QuicKey Pro™
operational time 3.5h 2.5h 1.5h
sample volume 100μL 50μL 50μL
operational steps 3 steps 2 steps 1 steps
storage conditions -20°C/4°C 4°C 4°C

Currently there are already over 60 different QuicKey Pro ELISA kits in different pack sizes, which follow either the competitive method or the sandwich method.