BioTek's Scratch Assay Starter Kit contains all the components needed to perform automated kinetic cell migration and wound healing assays in conjunction with the BioTek Lionheart™ Microscope or Cytation™ Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader.

  • BioTek's AutoScratch™ Wound Making Tool for automatically creating repeatable scratches in the cell lawn

  • The Scratch Assay App software calculates key statistics such as wound width,% confluence, and maximum wound healing rate.

  • Suitable for 24- and 96-well microtiter plates (Corning)

  • All reagents for making "scratches" are included in the kit.

Easy installation of the Scratch Assay App*

The special software supports automatic recording and evaluation of images. Various parameters, e.g. plate type, image capture and processing are already pre-programmed and can be customized. Simple export functions allow the presentation of results in MSExcel®, as well as the creation of videos and graphs.

  • Gen5ImagePlus or Gen5ImagePrime is required for the installation


Manual scratch methods are very prone to error and poorly reproducible. BioTek's AutoScratch Woundmaker automates this process for 24- and 96-well plates, ensuring high-quality, consistent cuts across the entire cell culture plate.

Predefined measurement protocols

You can start with a simple, predefined protocol. Various settings, e.g. temperature, assay runtime, kinetic interval, and other acquisition parameters are easily modifiable by simple navigation in the software for each experiment.

Automatic calculations

When the images are taken, the Scratch Assay app automatically calculates the percentage cell confluence, the wound width, and the maximum wound healing rate (max V).

Automatic, multi-stage cleaning of the scratch pins

Built-in reagent tubes perform an automatic cleaning of the scratch pins and prevent carryover. The necessary cleaning reagents are included in the kit.


Further software apps are in development. Already available ist he "Quantitative Assay App". Common assays are already pre-programmed: BCA Protein Assay App, Bradford Assay App, Lowry Assay App, and soon an app for the fluorometric quantification of nucleic acids.