• Absolutely inexpensive
  • Suitable for common endpoint assays
  • Micro Volume Quantification in the Take3 Plate
  • UV-VIS range of 200-999 nm
  • High quality fluorescence filters
  • Luminescence
  • touchscreen

A large touchscreen * and integrated software simplify the programming and execution of assays in microtiter plate format - even without a computer. The results can then be transferred to a computer via a USB stick or output via a connected printer.

The combination of the extensive data analysis software Gen5 and a high-quality optical design ensures excellent measurement results in the areas of absorption, fluorescence and luminescence.

* Synergy LX is also available without a touch screen. The operation is then exclusively via the Gen5 software.

Typical applications

  • Fluorescence ELISA
  • protein quantification
  • Nucleic acid quantification (A260 or fluorescence-based)
  • Purity determinations of nucleic acids (A260 / A280)
  • Gene expression (based on luminescence or fluorescence)
  • Cell viability tests (MTT, luminescence ATP, various fluorescence-based assays)

Further information and pictures can be found HERE.