2.500 euros additional funding for mandatory further training of biomedical analysts

In Austria biomedical analysts are not only obliged by law to further training. Biomed austria, the professional association of biomedical analysts, also recommends voluntary further training. The professional association offers a fund specifically for further training to which SZABO-SCANDIC added 2500 euros for 2023.


Biomedical analysts in Austria have to prove 60 hours of further training within five years. The industry association biomed austria offers two certificates with which the further training can be verified: the MTD-CPD certificate for the statutory minimum requirements and the MTD-CPD certificate PLUS for which the voluntary further training has to amount to 120 hours within five years or 24 hours per year. After all, this professional group makes an essential contribution to all areas of healthcare – from clinical human and veterinary medicine to scientific research at universities and in the pharmaceutical industry.


"We are very pleased to have gained SZABO-SCANDIC as a partner and financial supporter for our training fund. With this we will be able to support the professional training even further" says Sylvia Handler, president of biomed austria.


SZABO-SCANDIC increases the fund for 2023 with 2500 euros. In total 3500 euros are available for distribution next year.

Günter Schleinzer, sales director at SZABO-SCANDIC, emphasizes "We at SZABO-SCANDIC work very closely with biomedical analysts, deliver products for diagnostics, research and laboratory equipment and are familiar with the challenges of the profession. Because of this we have organized a Research Afternoon about the current trends in science with biomed austria in the last years. With the further education fund, we support individual further education in 2023 and promote the quality of the laboratory diagnostics."

Support through further training fund and training program

All biomed austria membrs are able to submit for funding, which accounts up to 50 % of the further training costs and a maximum of 200 euros per application. Additionally, the Austrian professional association offers a discount for members for 60 trainings in 2023 in its own training program.


SZABO-SCANDIC promotes education and training

As a medical device distributor SZABO-SCANDIC is a supplier and partner for medicine, research, and development and is aware of the fast technical and scientific developments in these areas. With the Immunis Sponsorship for Young Science SZABO-SCANDIC supports four young researchers with their dissertation in the field of immunology, allergology and vaccinology. By increasing the training fund, the company is setting another example for education and training in life science.