The VectaPlex™ Antibody Removal Kit from Vector Laboratories is a groundbreaking innovation in life science research. It enables the simultaneous use of up to six different fluorescent dyes in a single tissue section, revolutionizing the analysis of biological samples. Precise removal of non-covalently bound antibodies avoids overlap and cross-reaction, resulting in clear and reliable research results.

Researchers benefit from multiple applications in areas such as immunology, oncology, neurobiology and pathology. The simultaneous use of multiple fluorescent labels enables detailed analysis of complex tissue structures and deeper insights into cellular processes.

With the introduction of this innovative kit, Vector Laboratories solidifies its leading position as a provider of advanced products for fluorescence microscopy and immunohistochemistry. The company helps researchers worldwide push the boundaries of scientific knowledge and enable breakthrough discoveries in biomedical research.

The VectaPlex™ Antibody Removal Kit opens a new era in molecular imaging and demonstrates the enormous potential of multiple fluorescence labeling. With this new tool, researchers can take their fluorescence imaging to unprecedented heights and decisively shape the future of life sciences.